Kori Blockchain,
makes Crypto and fiat currencies closest

Buy and exchange anytime dozens of stable cryptos on 1:1 basis USD, EUR, NGN, ECO, XAF, ... in a single wallet. Merchants accept with confidence avoiding the volatility of leading non-stable cryptos. Explore all Assets

We digitize fiats giving them the benefits of both a Blockchain token and traditional fiat with wallets more secure than the Mobile Money.


Kori Blockchain

Kori is a Stellar based Cryptocurrency which aims to be a multipurpose Crypto that can make people’s life easier. Whether you are thinking of transferring money across borders, buying groceries, paying for a restraurant bill or shopping online, Kori’s mission is to help you go through with your transaction.

Stable Crypto-Fiats

Buy, store, exchange, transfer, withdraw anytime your cryptoUSD, cryptoEUR, cryptoNGN, cryptoECO, cryptoXAF, ... on 1:1 basis exactly like your bank account or Mobile Money but more secure and free.

Connect your bank to the blockchain

Redeem your crypto-fiat at any time directly into your bank account or buy your crypto-fiat from your bank account.

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The way to receive your local asset in secure wallet, use anytime to send to friends & families and withdraw in cash, pay goods & services in Store and online, etc.

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