Kori Blockchain Assets

Symbol Name Description
CCAD CryptoCAD 1:1 with CAD fiat: 1 CCAD = CAD
CECO CryptoECO 1:1 with ECO fiat: 1 CECO = XOF/ECO
CEUR CryptoEUR 1:1 with EUR fiat: 1 CEUR = EUR
CFBU CryptoFBU 1:1 with FBU fiat: 1 CFBU = FBU
CNGN CryptoNGN 1:1 with NGN fiat: 1 CNGN = NGN
CUSD CryptoUSD 1:1 with USD fiat: 1 CUSD = USD
CXAF CryptoXAF 1:1 with XAF fiat: 1 CXAF = XAF
FRI Fricacoin Fricacoin Asset
KRI Kori Kori Crytocurrency

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